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Dec 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
/]ia hurtado and commissioner ann lazarus and welcome to our newest member commissioner honda. deputy [khr-frpb/] or city attorney will provide the board with any needed legal advice and the legal process clerk and i'm cynthia goldstein and we're joined by departments scott sanchez here, the zoning administrator and also representing the planning department and planning commission. joseph dusty representing the department of building inspection, and department of would now like to, urban foresty. the board requests that you turn off longer devices so they will not disturb the proceedings. please carry on conversations in the hallway. appellants, permit-holders and department responds have seven presents to preponderant their case. people must include their comments with the 7 or 3-minute periods. members of public not affiliated with the partis have up to three minutes to address the board and no rebuttal. please speak into the microphone. to assist the board in the proper notes you are asked to submit a speaker card when you come up to speak. the board welcome yours comments and sugg
Dec 6, 2012 2:30am PST
>> si actualmente manejas un vehículo ford, nissan, toyota, chrysler, honda o general motors y está estancado con un alto pago mensual de su carro, entonces ponga mucha atención porque tenemos importante información para usted que podría bajarle los pagos mensuales o hasta ponerlo en un nuevo carro. para averiguar cuánto usted puede ahorrar, llame al número que aparece en pantalla, representantes altamente capacitados, trabajarán para darle las mejores opciones. opciones que incluyen desde entregar su carro por dinero o simplemente cambiar su carro actual por uno completamente nuevo. no se quede atrapado con altos pagos mensuales o con carros sin garantía. dese el lujo de manejar el carro que usted sueña con pagos al alcance de su presupuesto. ahorrar dinero en estos tiempos tan difíciles es más importante que nunca y hoy usted tiene la opción para ayudar a bajar los pagos mensuales de su carro. llame a autopayment solutions para una consulta gratis. no tiene nada que perder, sino mucho que ganar. no espere más, la llamada es gratis desde cualquier ciudad de estados unid
Dec 21, 2012 4:30pm PST
hwang, aye. commissioner hurtado, aye. commissioner lazarus, aye. commissioner honda, aye. >> that is passed and notice ofa decision will b┘:z(5 issued tomorrow. thanky,9khó you. item 4(b) is another rehearing request at 498 hoffman avenue a letter from2b:y allen sowle appellants requesting rehearing of appeal 12-117 decided november 7, 2012. at that time the board voted"8btw iho 2-1-2 vice president fung dissented commissioner hurtado absent on the basis that there was no error or -- three out of four votes required to be overturn a modified action whenéd!elc"p% a vacancy exists letter ofy determination was upheld by law. the regarding the legal dwelling unit. my understanding commissioners hurtado and honda have reviewed the video there for this hearing and are >> that's correct. >> good evening. my name is alan sowle. we're here because extraordinarybb:z<éf";f circumstances exist and rehearing is needed to prevent injustice because new acheddgg:z"y different facts and circumstances have been discovered relevant to the hearing officer's determination on thiso p0ñ matter. you m
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am EST
news for honda. >> and it has been an up and down year for the housing market. we want to find out more from linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york to explain. good morning. correct>> people are more optimistic about the housing market. some buyers are more optimistic. only 5% of respondents said they are concerned of the possible changes the fiscal cliff could make to the mortgage interest deduction. the survey does cover home buyers in 18 metro markets including b.c. consumer reports is praising honda for the 2013 accord saying it ranks above the toyota camry. the latest modified honda civic is a major improvement, it says. office workers are big fans of the iphone. one-third of them prefer to use an iphone. only 22% of workers say they have used a droid. the once popular blackberry was at the bottom of the list. mcdonald's is asking franchisees to work on christmas day. we will tell you why. that's my next report. >> 4:38, 50 degrees. >> still ahead, where the speed limit has been raised on four more roads in the district. >> councilman marion barry has harsh words. >>
Dec 14, 2012 4:00pm PST
president fungle commissioner hurtado, aye. commissioner lazarus, aye. commissioner honda, aye. >> public comment, is there anyone here who would like to speak under item 1? seeing none, then item 2 is commissioner comments and questions. commissioners, do you have anything this evening?njr" >> i will be absent a at the january 9th meeting due to work obligations i just learned about. is there public$ bé comment on item 2? thank you. seeing none we'll move on to the adoption of minutes under item 3, commissioners for your consideration are thete3 board's meeting minutes of our december 5, 2012lypizd meeting. >> i'm going to move to adopt those minutes. >> thank you. any public comment on the minutes? seeing no public comment, on the motion to adopt the minutes vice president fung, aye. commissioner hurtado aye. commissioner lazarus aye. commissioner honda, aye. >> those minutes are adopted. so we will then take up item 4(a) whichbjae is a -- two rehearing requests, subject 4&c8 )qj at 124-128 fillmore street. the board received a letter requesting rehearing of 12- -- at that t
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm PST
robert honda is live tonight with an update on a room to room search for a possible gunman. robert. >> gasia, we are outside the technology bilgd. at one time the search was going on building to building across much of the campus. now the focus has shifted to the technology building. it was mainly a precaution in terms of the rest of the campus because the original call that came in the initial text message basically said that they thought they saw a gunman in the area of the tech building. now, we've been watching as blis swarm this building going floor by floor and we've seen the light kind of giving us an indication of where the search has been going. now, if you can see, we just a few minutes ago the lights came on on the top floor and, again, the students and faculty that were inside during the lockdown were told to keep their lights off and the blinds closed so any kind of light like that probably indicates that the police are up there and conducting their search in that area. i will say that the police officers coming in and out of the building seem very calm. no one is rush
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
deportiva golpeo por detras un auto honda que viajaba lento porque aparentement e estaba fallando. ---la conductora del honda murio en el acto y el otro conductor sufrio lesiones leves. blanca ---un grupo de sacerdotes de la arquidiocesis de san francisco, salieron hoy a realizar vigilias callejeras para victimas de asesinato en san francisco. nat sound --- wait for cue ---a las 10 de la maÑana, los reverendos se congregaron en la cuadra 100 de la avenida "brookdale" para orar por el descanso de angelo rodriguez de 36 aÑos de edad. ---posterioromente, los religiosos acudieron a otros 3 sitios donde tambien fueron asesinados otros 3 jovenes residents de san francisco en las calles "blyth-dale", brussels y grove. take sot julio escobar// in: 00;37;53;29 --- out: 00;38;10;21 senor dice: "nuestro enfoque es acompanar las familias que estan sufriendo en estos momentos dificiles y ver como nosotros les ayudamos, acompanarlos en este momento de sufrimiento y de dolor que muchas veces no se puede decir nada." vo ---la mayoria de estos casos continuan sin ser resueltos por la policia y v
Dec 13, 2012 7:30pm PST
these matters for the reason country is that we have commissioner honda joining us and two is that we have the party have engaged on some discussions to try to narrow the issues of dispute and so with the president's consent we can giveth each party a few minutes to address the board. i think we could start perhaps it's best to start with the permit holder in this case since they have alternate plans to propose. >>> that would be good. >> so three minute? >> three minutes precise. >>> commissioners a little blag jay for the permit holder and is we did have a meetings and we thank you for the opportunity to work further with the appellates and we did a revise design initially in front of this hearing that the real problem was with the rather of the of the building and if i can have the overhead on i'll show you again what that looked like. >>> one minute. >> i have a disclosure i have spoken's attorney's office and they advise me that i do not have a consistent and i can conflict of interest and the only relationship that i share with brendan fox is that we are in the same industry and
Dec 19, 2012 4:30am PST
, aye. commissioner lazarus aye. commissioner honda, aye. (ú$>c#k2i-that motion isad,bhó granted. the board's prior decision is thrown fresh with a new briefing and a new hearing date on march 20,.,b 2013. thank you% 5 $jpi>w . 4-c rehearing request regarding subject property at 150 california street, the board received a letter from second street merchants requesting rehearing of appeal 12-126d,b!mh-!m decided november 147mk,7÷ 2012. at the time the board votedl 2-2-1, to uphold them(c mobile food facility permit on the basis that the salekój expresso drinks is not like food under dpw's guidelines. three out of four pÃvotes being required to modify a departmental action when vacancy exists the permit wasu <';oç operation. my understanding is that commissioner honda, who is not a member of the board at thatb time, has reviewed the video and is preparedbq >> commissioner honda: i have reviewed the video and am ready to participate. >> we will start with theé[ requester. threerw >> allison rowe from harvest and rowe. my -- is=bib feet --e review tab 13 of the appeal to see pho
Dec 10, 2012 1:30am PST
? >> aye. >> commissioner hurtado? >> aye. >> and commissioner honda? >> aye. >> that motion carries and the permit is upheld. thank you. >> i would like to call item no. 6 and i want to make sure that thetern for the appellant in that case is in the room. could you raise your hand if you are here, mr. girardi? excellent, just walked into the room. appeal no. 12-085, cambon connoisseur cooperative, inc. versus the zoning administrator. 33 cambon drive aka 6-85 cambon drive, appealing a letter of determination dated july 10 20 12 addressed to matthew girardi regarding whether a medical cannabis dispensary use would be permitted at the subject property. >> my name is matthew girardi and i'm a lawyer and represent the managing patient members of a proposed collective called cambon connoisseur collective and we're challenging a letter of did determination issued by mr. sanchez in which he found 33 cambon drive is not a suitable location for a mcmcd site because it may be within 1,000 feet of a park, namely the merced playground. california law mandates that the site be 600' away from schools
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
brothers hitched a ride from people in a honda civic. the brothers were dropped off. moments later the honda ran them down. one brother was killed, the other injured. police found the honda abandoned blocks away and are trying to figure this one out. >>> we now know the id of the victim in last night's deadly row house fire in northwest d.c. 42-year-old jeffrey meterrosick was the chief of compliance and oversight at the u.s. agency for international development. he ran into the first floor of the building in the 1800 block of first street. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> as we reported monday night here on 9 news at 6:00, the brother of former d.c. council chair kwame brown plans to plead guilty in federal court. today prosecutors formally charged shea brown with bank fraud and sources say that plea deal could include jail time. shea brown operated his brother's kwame's campaign. >>> tonight a local woman may have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for what she said on the internet. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in fairfax where a judge today ordered
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm PST
arrived they found this silver honda afterway into the store. the call came in about 4 in the morning. whoever was responsible was gone when officers arrive. the manager told us the thief or thieves took apple iphones and ipods. police believe the vehicle was stolen. today customers came by only to be turned away. >> it's surprising. it's a little surprising. but i mean, desperate people do desperate things, i guess. >> reporter: police say smash and grab robberies are on the rise. thieves tried to break into this store but were barted by shatterproof glass. >> in some cases it's just a crime of opportunity. other cases we see groups of individuals that are much more organized and they go around usually visiting a number of cities. >> reporter: two weeks ago thieves smashed windows at the macy's and made off with hundred hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. some told us they're not surprised. >> with things happening nowadays nothing surprises me any more. everyone and everybody is doing something. >> reporter: >> reporter: now concord police aren't saying much about thi
Dec 30, 2012 3:00am PST
discussion i want to formally object to commissioner honda participating in the deliberation and voting on the project since his a part of the injury team he has a fiduciary interest in the case and with the plan to demolish the building and convert it into luxury condominium which presumably zephyr will sell and this will be a substantial sales commission and this imposes a conflict of interest for commissioner honda and i would like to know the matter that i have to appeal the decision and thank you again first responder the at some point to share with you my continued concerns with regard to the structure sponsor to erect at 530 central and i want to allow during the board's previous report of this issue to reconcile the difference so as to develop a solution and -- available that does not over throw the decisions in the agencies and the courts and with to engage the project sponsors and the last appearance and before this body to respond to our express willingness to modify the original proposal. you will recall please refer to my formal testimony in my previous hears which i believ
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm PST
boosted the snowpack to 100% of normal. robert honda reports the wet weather has local reservoirs filled to the top. >> the reservoir near morgan hill and the reservoir don't need rain to overflow. the santa clara water district is releasing water from the reservoirs to try to prevent flooding. some people today can not believe the sudden change. >> it was very low. and, in these past two storms we had it really rose quickly. it is full. going over the spill way now. >> does it surprise you? >> yes. i am surprised. i am always surprised by how much water comes out of the hills and keeps seeping into the reservoir. >> reporter: the water district does not expect flooding from the up coming rain but cautious any way. >> we did go ahead and notify downstream residents that the reservoir was going to spill because there could be a potential for downstream flooding. >> many hillside and mountain top communities are concern canned about rain and also snow. people here along mount hamilton road have seen some snow this past week. but more concerned how snow lovers might react. >> when it
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am PST
three more years. >>> and the owners of more than 800,000 honda vehicles are going to be getting recall notices soon because their vans or suvs could roll away, even with the key removed. the recall covers the honda odyssey and pilot and the acura mdx, with various model years, from 2003 to 2006. now, the ignition defect could let drivers pull the key out with the vehicles still in gear. and off it rolls. >> scary thought. >>> if blaring commercials drive you crazy while you're watching tv, get ready for some relief starting today. a new volume control law aimed at ear-splitting ads, takes effect today. the c.a.l.m. act, c.a.l.m. standing for commercial advertisement loudness mitigation, requires ads to be within two decibels of the program. >> what does c.a.l.m. stand for again? >> i don't remember. >> can you keep it down? >>> and it's a red-letter day for iphone users who can't stand the apple map app, say that three times fast. apple map app. that sent people astray and got awful reviews. the new google map for ios is up and running this morning, almost three months after apple repl
Dec 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
backed up for miles. according to investigators, the driver of a honda was flashing hazard lights and slowing down after getting a flat tire. another car failed to slow down and slammed into that honda killing a woman who was sitting in the back seat. >>> the oakland police department avoids a complete federal takeover. now a compliance director will keep track of reforms in the department. the court appointed director will also help implement reforms required by the settlement of a civil rights lawsuit. >>> and take a look. a wild ride through san francisco's broadway tunnel all caught on tape. a police sergeant posted the video on facebook. the video shows the driver hitting the gas in a lamborghini heading into the tunnel. the sergeant is now backing away from online comments about speeding and being drunk behind the wheel. >>> the blame game continues with the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. democrats and republicans are at a standstill over how to stop a flurry of year end tax increases and spending cuts. cbs reporter tara mergener explains how capitol hill is preparing for the
Dec 13, 2012 1:40am PST
pass on to you this morning. honda is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars that may simply roll away, even when the transmission is in park. the recall affects 800,000 minivans and suvs made between 2003 and 2006. they include the honda odyssey, pilot and the acura mdx. honda needs to repair a defect in the ignition because cars can simply roll away after drivers stop and remove the key and get out. this thing just kind of goes on its own. so recall notices go out in february and repairs will be free. you breathe a sigh of relief. this does not affect your car. >> because i have a hoopty. i've got a big old minivan. i've had four hondas. >> you're loyal. >> i am loyal. >> very nice. >>> here's your thursday forecast. scattered showers around san diego. los angeles and vegas. snow in the l.a. mountains and northern rockies. light rain from portland to seattle and showers along the carolina coast. >> 50s from atlanta to the big apple. 40s in the midwest and rockies. 27 in fargo. 37 in the twin cities. >> i like your fargo accent. >> it was bad. >>> even though it's now 12-13, we c
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 275 (some duplicates have been removed)